duminică, 12 decembrie 2010

FREE Miss Sixty clothes

For Free Miss Sixty Top, Romper and Brazil Flag 
-If you live in Brazil: 
1)Simply Enter stardoll contests: 
For Top: www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=825 
For Romper: www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=826 
For Flag: www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=827 
-If you don't live in Brazil

1)Go to this Brazilian proxy:
meuproxy.com.br   (thanks to wawsia)

2)Paste stardoll.com link in the blank box of the proxy
3)Click ir
4)Then Copy and Paste the contest links:
For Flag: www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=827
5)Remember to wait till contest pages loads
6)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Items will be in giftboxes in your suite [:
 But in case it doesn't work you can set a Brazilian manual proxy like 
IP Address: Port: 8080 Or 
IP Address: Port: 8080 Or
 IP Address: Port: 8080 
If these doesn't work for you, check HERE for others 
 How to set manual proxy? 
When you have set the manual proxy - 
1)Go to stardoll.com/ and Log in 
2)Copy and Paste (I mean visit) the contest links: 
3)Remember to wait till contest pages loads
4)Turn off the proxy Items should be in a giftboxes in your suite [:

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